Welcome to Crossroads Food and Wine where you'll find the world's best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegars from Italy France and Spain, a lovely selection of Wine, Fine Meats from Creminelli and D'Artagnan,  Artisan Cheese and Specialty Foods .

The most dangerous thing people do each week in the good old USA is shop at the grocery store.  The world of food is full of unknowns and unfortunately people get their information from the TV the opinions of which are highly influenced by advertising dollars.  On this site the information we will pass along is based on how the foods and wine were produced and how they taste.  Our mantras are humanely raised, no steroids or antibiotics, traditional methods, no additives, organic, gluten free and non GMO. 

When it comes to wine we have our favorite winemakers in the new world but we really love old world wines produced in a more traditional process that taste more like wine and less like shaved ice.  We will give you opinions and recommendations that most of you will not find in your local wine shops.

If you entertain or simply enjoy "La Dolce Vita" please don't hesitate to speak with us about your particular needs 970-644-5010.  Helping you plan an event or to teach you how to stock your pantry with the fabulous foods we offer is something we're really good at and is part of the personal service we offer.  When it comes to actually gaining access to the best food in the world it is essential to think out of the box.  Try to remember there are a few things that cannot be accomplished with a mouse alone so pick up the phone and give us a call!